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Securely Store Your Medical Information

A central, safe, private and secure repository for your medical information.

Upload your data automatically, or input them directly into your electronic logs. You'll make smarter decisions once you track your meals, fitness and medical data in one place.

Your Key Benefits:
  1. Upload data directly from your glucometer
  2. Get dynamic feedback on your vitals
  3. Access your medical data where ever you are
  4. Your information is 100% private and secure

Supported glucometers for automatic upload: One Touch Profile,One Touch Ultra, One Touch FastTake, One Touch SureStep, One Touch II, One Touch Basic, One Touch InDuo, Therasense Freestyle, Bayer Glucometer Elite XL, Bayer Glucometer DEX, Bayer Glucometer DEX2, Bayer Glucometer Ascensia Contour and Bayer Glucometer Ascensia Breeze.

Information for the medical section comes from the American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, Joslin Clinic and National Institutes of Health.

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